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Leveraging our wide network of partners, we have curated numerous enabling technologies available for licensing and commercialisation across different industries and domains. Enterprises interested in these technology offers and collaborating with partners of complementary technological capabilities can reach out for co-innovation opportunities.

Preserving Cells without the Need of Blood Product - Serum-free Cryopreservation
The most common cryopreservation media used in laboratories consist of 10% DMSO and 20% to 90% fetal bovine serum (FBS). DMSO was thought to reduce the size of ice-crystals during freezing, thus reducing mortality whereas FBS improves the viability of cells during recovery.  Although effective for cryopreservation of most cell types, FBS poised significant risks, including the possible risk of cross-species virus infections such as the “mad cow disease”, as well as the possibility of triggering an adverse immunogenic response from the recipient. Our serum-free cryopreservation formula allows the cryopreservation of mammalian cells without the need for serum.
Mobile AI Elderly Fall Risk Assessment
Fall risk assessment is used to identify the risk level and risk factors, so as to prevent falls and reduce the chance of injury. Conventional assessments often involve questionnaires or functional assessment (e.g. Timed Up and Go, 4 Stage Balance) of posture, gait, cognition, and other fall risk factors. However, these clinical assessments are usually subjective and qualitative. Quantitative measurements of balance and those gait parameters could provide a more accurate and actionable insight for the elderly. However, a comprehensive analysis is usually conducted in a lab with lots of equipment such as high-speed cameras and force platforms. Also, the data collected has to be analysed by professionals. These time-consuming processes are difficult to practically integrate into typical clinic practice. A wearable, compact device was invented in order to simplify the gait analysis processes with easy access to those gait parameters. Its assessment test only takes 5 mins and can be conducted anywhere. The data collected will be associated to fall vulnerability with the help of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI). This technology enables a simple, efficient and affordable approach for elderly everywhere to benefit from early awareness and prevention of serious health risks.
Non-invasive First-void Urine Device for Rapid Detection of Infectious Diseases and Cancer
The technology offers an effective and hygienic solution for capturing first void urine (typically defined as the first 20 mL of the urine flow) in a standardized volumetric way, thereby guaranteeing significantly increased analytic accuracy and patient comfort over classic urine sampling devices. The technology is highly user-friendly and allows for non-clinician dependent self-sampling in a home based setting.  Due to the non-invasive character of urine sampling, it offers an alternative to clinician-dependent sampling such as pap smear, cervico-vaginal brushes, etc.  The technology platform consists of multiple variants capturing a range of urine volumes for different application purposes. To allow for transportation and storage of the urine sample at room temperature, the technology is also available in combination with various urine stabilization chemistries that remove the need for cold-chain transportation and immediate cold storage of the collected samples.
Customisable LED Software for Indoor Farming
By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the world earth’s estimate 9.8 billion population will reside in urban centers. In addition, factors such as climate change, limited arable land and pollution will make indoor farming an attractive option. Current technologies used in traditional farming will definitely be inadequate and for Singapore, it will be even more vital to achieve food security with limited resources.  The technology described herein consists of a horticultural LED system that can eventually help to address 2 main concerns of urban farming - operation cost and crop yield. The predictive algorithms can help to predict important lighting information necessary for indoor farming. This lighting information is crucial for end-user (e.g. farmers) to formulate their own “light” recipe for optimizing the growth rate of their crops. In addition, it has analytics features that can assist in analysing DLI, energy costs, etc. for improving crop yield. The technology owner is seeking partners to collaborate through various modes including technology licensing and test bedding.
Visual Inventory Management System
This Technology Offer allows automation of the process of monitoring stock levels in the warehouse, and when they drop below a certain threshold, trigger a certain event.  This technology can be used to address the following challenges: What items are on the shelf? What is the current inventory level? What items need to be restocked? How many items need to be restocked?
Plant-based Fermentation Technology
Fermentation is an old method used mainly for food preservation. However, when the technology is well known and controlled, it can be a great asset for:1. Taste: improving the taste of foods and drinks or providing exotic flavors (umami)2. Texture: Improving the structure of foods and drinks by making them smoother, more tender or creamier, or in gluten-free baked products, making them crispier, chewier or with improved raising doughs.3. Nutrition value: improving the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals or other health promoting compounds.4. Health: when foods and drinks are fermented with probiotic bacteria, they can improve gut healthy and consumers lifestyleAny food company interested in having a premium quality in their product portfolio, should partner with us to developed better foods.We own the bacteria used for improving foods and drinks as well as the knowledge of how to use them in product development.
Novel Marker for High Sensitivity Detection of Human DNA
Human DNA contamination is an issue in the process of manufacturing devices for molecular and genomic applications. Such devices need to be certified human DNA free for sensitive downstream processes. Therefore, there is a need to monitor human DNA residual level in factory surfaces and in final products. The technology provider had identified a novel target for detection of human DNA and developed a highly sensitive PCR based detection method for presence of human DNA based on this target. They have demonstrated that the method is specific, sensitive and with low cost. Compared to a commercial kit available in the market, this method is at least 500 times more sensitive. This method will be a valuable tool for device manufacturers. In addition, it can also be applied on forensic as well as environmental samples. Furthermore, the principle of the method can be adapted to detect other animal species for either identification or monitoring purposes.
Multiple Pickup and Delivery Planning Solution
Multiple Pickup and Delivery Planning (MPDP) is very common in both passenger and cargo transport operations. However, due to the planning complexity, it is impossible to quickly generate good solutions manually to support daily transport operation planning. The MPDP solution developed by the team is able to close the gap by quickly generating transport plans for multiple vehicles with multiple pickup locations and multiple delivery locations.
A Decentralized Urban Farming IoT System
This Internet of Things (IoT) software architecture addresses a decentralized framework to provide the ability to exchange data between IoT devices autonomously without any centralized server. In recent years, the development of IoT applications has become increasingly complex. Thus, this technology addresses the problem by providing the ability to simplify the streaming of data to the IoT platforms over the web. The IoT platform is designed to assist modern-day farmers in monitoring the entire farm seamlessly. It can be customized to suit each farm depending on the type of sensors, machine vision camera, cloud storage, etc. Equipped with detailed data tracking and analytics to provide the most accurate growth process from start to finish. This design can be customized for other applications. The technology owner is looking for partners and collaborators to further co-develop this technology in urban farming.