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Our editorials spotlight technology trends that are redefining the future as well as feature perspectives on open innovation from entrepreneurial innovators.
Revolutionising Women's Health with FemTech in Singapore
Revolutionising Women's Health with FemTech in Singapore
In the realm of healthcare, there's a transformative movement happening, designed specifically to cater to the distinct needs of women. The surge of FemTech, an abbreviation for Female Technology, is gaining momentum swiftly, presenting inventive solutions to tackle diverse aspects of women's health. Rithika Venkatesh, Senior Manager of Innovation & Technology at IPI, says, “Singapore, known for its progressive approach...
Baking Healthy Choices into every Cake
Baking Healthy Choices into every Cake
[Celebrating Inspiring Women In March Series #3: Founder, Delcie's Desserts and Cakes, Delcie Lam]    Art director-turned-entrepreneur, Delcie Lam, started her business to bring delicious sweet treats to a variety of individuals with different dietary restrictions. With IPI’s help, she has grown her business and has her sights set on further expansion. Delcie Lam’s journey to founding Singapore-based Delcie’s Desserts...