Food waste is one of the largest waste streams in Singapore and it has grown by around 20% over the last decade, with 744 million kilograms of food waste generated in 2019 alone. While waste generation is part and parcel of human civilisation, modern-day technologies have allowed us to transform thrash to treasure. Functional food products and innovative packaging materials have been developed with enhanced processing methods that efficiently upcycle these side streams.
On Endlessly Upcycling Cocoa Husks
Sann Carriere, Project Lead Asia, ECOR
Upcycling of Brewers Spent Grains: From W0W® Noodle to Functional Facial Mask
Dr Huang Dejian, Co-founder, Kosmode Health
Upcycling of Food Waste Into High-Value Ingredients
Ross Campbell, Director, Cybercolloids
Panel Discussion
Moderated by Maxime Pourrat, Head of Asia Pacific, Tech Nation