IPHatch is a programme that uniquely matches technologies from multinational corporations with start-ups to give them a boost to accelerate their businesses.
This year, the focus will be on sustainable food production and agritech. Traditional farmers or start-ups are starting to incorporate new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and analytics to optimise food production or improve the efficiency of the value chain. To close the gap in availability and accessibility of enabling technologies, one of the ways is to tap into the R&D investments from the corporates to bring about such social and economic impact in this sector through the IPHatch programme.
Together with one of our corporate partner Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific, we will be launching an open innovation platform “Sustainable Start-up Factory” for start-ups in the food and tech area. We welcome businesses and entrepreneurs to join us.
Opening Address
Jason Loh, CEO and Founder, Piece Future
Launch of Panasonic “Sustainable Start-up Factory”
Yasuhiro Suzuki, Managing Director, Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific
Panel Session - What Drives Sustainable Innovation?
Moderated by Jason Loh, CEO and Founder, Piece Future
Dr Low Mun Ji
Manager, Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific
Adrian Leonardi
Manager Innovation and Technologies, Continental Automotive Singapore
Jenni Risku
Impact Partner, Click Ventures
Fireside Chat - Open Innovation as a Catalyst to Boost your business
Moderated by Claire Lim, Regional Business Development, Piece Future
Steven Dominique Cheung
Founder, Seaplane Hong Kong
Michael Yiin
Founder, Trinity Eco