Launched as a partnership between DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) and IPI, the Design Think Tank is a networking and open innovation platform that seeks to open new conversations between corporations and companies, and the design and technology communities. Businesses have traditionally tackled issues by either resolving them in-house or engaging an external group of stakeholders. But with the Design Think Tank, potential new synergies between designers and technologists can be sparked to address corporates’ various challenge statements.
Learn more about the problem statements presented by participating corporates in this session here.
How Might We Better Engage At-risk Mothers to Proactively Manage the Risk of Gestational Diabetes Among Them?
Muhammad Khairul Bin Sukor, Product Development Manager, Gloobe  
How Might We Design for an Experiential Engagement for Consumers to Interact With Brands in Times of Covid and With Respect to Safe Distancing? 
Magdalene Teo, E-Commerce Assistant Manager, Food Culture Singapore  
How Might We Design an Age-friendly Community in Whampoa? How Might We Use Technology to Offer Hybrid Online-offline Experiences That Can Better Engage Seniors, Build Resilience, and Strengthen Their Sense of Community?
Dr Su Aw, Research Fellow, International Longevity Centre-Singapore (ILC-S), Tsao Foundation