Secure Browser for Data Protection: Transforming Remote Work and Collaboration


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With the advent of the intelligent era, data has become the core asset of enterprises. Simultaneously, remote work and multi-branch collaboration have emerged as new work modes. Many enterprises urgently need a cybersecurity solution that can ensure data security and improve work efficiency to deliver quality services and enhance competitiveness.

Traditional enterprise security measures impose various restrictions on employees’ use of software and hardware and limit access to third-party partners, such as prohibiting access to personal computers and requiring the installation of multiple access endpoints. These restrictions generate several problems to the enterprises, such as complex usage, inadequate security defense capabilities, and high operating costs.

To address these issues, the technology owner has launched an innovative enterprise security browser designed to solve security challenges in remote work and multi-location collaboration while optimizing the employee working experience. This enterprise security browser features a lightweight design, is easy to install, and seamlessly integrates into employee workflows without requiring modifications to existing software and hardware. Additionally, it employs a series of dynamic security strategies to enable find grain control over data leakage and user privacy protection, achieving effective and intelligent enterprise data security management.

The technology owner is actively seeking partnership with companies with multiple employee identities in the financial and internet sectors, to co-develop and deploy this innovative enterprise security browser. Such collaboration will enable both parties to push the frontiers of data security and offering robust support for the digital transformation of enterprises.


This innovative browser, built on Chromium and deeply integrated with a zero-trust safety classifier, prioritizes both safety and efficiency, significantly improving the user experience and employee performance and enhancing the data security protection loop in multiple enterprise scenarios.

  • Reliable Access: dynamically secures enterprise access from multiple dimensions such as access, identity, device, access, and data, ensuring comprehensive security
  • Data Desensitization: utilise identity-based data access control and granular data desensitization to prevent data leakage through techniques such as character masking and sensitive content blocking, realising a personalized display for different users
  • Behavior Management: control behaviors such as anti-copying, anti-printing, and anti-screenshot, migrating the risk of information leakage by ensuring files not landing on local hard drives
  • Security Visibility: offers comprehensive logging and auditing of user access, behaviors, and threat alarms, facilitating easy traceability and thorough auditing
  • Perfect Experience: requires no hardware for rapid deployment and hassle-free replacement. Maintains a familiar interface for a seamless transition, low learning curve, and high efficiency


The technology owner leverages zero-trust security concept to offer comprehensive security management, making it ideal for sectors like finance, e-commerce, and manufacturing that require remote work and multiple branch operations, as well as industries that requires robust data security. Potential application scenarios include:

  • Third-Party Secure Collaboration: guarantee secure data access for industry chain collaborators
  • Remote Secure Access: ensure safe access from anywhere, supporting hybrid work modes
  • IE Restriction Management: transition from IE to a dual-core browser, enabling access to IE-restricted sites
  • Data Leakage Protection: multiple desensitization templates and security controls
  • VDI Replacement: a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to VDI
  • VPN Enhancement: by replacing with a more secure browser-based solution

Unique Value Proposition

  • Identity access security: continuous verification and precise access control
  • Whole-link data security: automated desensitization, encryption and behavior controls
  • Dynamic verification and defense: adapts security based on behavior analysis
  • Cost-effective: low-cost, easy installation and user-friendly
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