Riding the wave of artificial intelligence, Singapore’s Innowave Tech pioneers ‘Zero Defects’ systems, bolstering the city-state’s advanced manufacturing landscape under the expert guidance of IPI Innovation Advisor Chok Yean Hung.


In the complex and demanding world of semiconductor production, where a minor flaw can escalate into catastrophic failure, Innowave Tech makes a bold promise: ‘Zero Defects’. Leveraging the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI), the Singapore-based start-up has made this daring vision a reality for the semiconductor and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Founder and CEO, Xu Jinsong, a former consultant to multiple technology enterprises, spotted an opportunity amidst the industry’s challenges. Realising that true solutions were sparse, despite the sector’s complex issues, he established Innowave Tech. The company’s mission was clear: craft bespoke AI solutions to address the industry’s pain points. Today, the start-up’s sophisticated platform boasts an extensive array of plugins for vision inspection and defect management—each designed to meet the unique needs of clients—positioning the company as a leader in a fiercely competitive market.

With an already strong foundation and momentum, Innowave Tech remains committed to reaching even greater heights. It was with this ambition in mind that the company’s path intersected with IPI. Through IPI, the nascent start-up was introduced to esteemed Innovation Advisor Chok Yean Hung. A seasoned veteran of the industry, with over 30 years of experience under his belt and a proven track record of transforming companies from the ground up, Yean Hung brought with him a wealth of knowledge and insights that can help Innowave Tech navigate the challenges of continued growth and innovation.

Collaborating with Yean Hung was transformative,” shared Jinsong. “With his guidance, we not only identified operational inefficiencies but also enhanced the experience we deliver to our customers. He also helped us to tap into previously unexplored markets and enriched our technology with a steadfast commitment to achieving zero defects.”

Under Yean Hung’s stewardship, challenges faced during the innovation process were not roadblocks, but rather signposts leading to well-charted action plans. Innowave Tech evolved from merely responding to customer requests to crafting a consistent, targeted product line-up that champions the promise of zero defects.

IPI Innovation Advisor Yean Hung’s successful tenure as the CEO of AEM Holdings Ltd—a global provider of semiconductor test solutions with operations spanning across Asia, Europe and North America—coupled with his numerous achievements in leading other semiconductor start-ups to public listings, made him the ideal match for Innowave Tech’s ambitious vision. It was a union facilitated by IPI, which Jinsong praises for its meticulous matching process that was tailored to his company’s unique needs and aspirations.

And this strategic alliance has already yielded remarkable results. With Yean Hung and IPI's support, Innowave Tech has transitioned into a high-performing tech production platform, offering cutting-edge solutions designed to expand human capacities and redefine industrial quality. “Our collaboration with IPI and Yean Hung has marked significant milestones,“ added Jinsong. "We've gained considerable traction in our market, successfully expanded our reach into other industries, and along this journey, we’ve penned many success stories with partner organisations.”

Innowave Tech’s cutting-edge AI solutions augment and expand expert capacities, promising an assured return on investment and rapid outcomes for customers. They have decoded the roadmap to zero defects for their clients, resolving industry pain points that have long plagued manufacturers—be it unclear paths to flawless products, gaps in resources and expertise or prolonged implementation times.

As we navigate our rapid growth phase, we are leveraging our advanced technologies, such as those in equipment intelligence and human capacity augmentation, which have driven tangible improvements for our clients," shared Jinsong. “We continue to seek IPI's support as we aim to bolster Singapore's manufacturing sector and contribute substantially to our nation’s economic growth.”

Innowave Tech’s collaboration with IPI has not only propelled the start-up to greater heights but has also underscored the extensive benefits of partnering with IPI through its Innovation Advisors Programme. Through fostering meaningful connections, promoting innovation, and facilitating growth, IPI stands as an indispensable ally for companies with the ambition and drive to redefine the benchmarks of their respective industries.