Guided by the expertise of IPI Innovation Advisor Shivendu Nadkarni, Bob the Baker Boy transformed baking challenges into a delectable recipe for entrepreneurial success.


Singapore-based bakery Bob the Baker Boy is driven by a singular mission: to always ‘bake’ people happy. With cakes being a centrepiece of celebrations ranging from birthdays to bridal showers, the significance of crafting the perfect confection is paramount. Since 2016, Bob the Baker Boy has delivered a delightful array of cakes that not only tantalise the taste buds but are also visually appealing.

Founded by the self-taught baker-turned-entrepreneur, Fong May Ee, right after she graduated from Nanyang Technological University, the bakery has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a home bakery. Now, from its dedicated kitchen, the bakery churns out an impressive 60 to 80 cakes on weekdays, with numbers soaring up to 130 on weekends. But what sets Bob the Baker Boy apart is its focus on designer, creatively customised bakes that account for 40 per cent of its revenue. To sweeten the deal, these cakes include diabetic-friendly options with reduced sugar content.

“In today’s digital age, the rise of social media has amplified the demand for more elaborate cakes,” shared Fong. With this insight into the market’s demand, she aimed to scale even further—her goal was to triple her revenue in the next three years.

To bring this vision to fruition, Fong sought the expertise of IPI Innovation Advisor (IA) Shivendu Nadkarni. With over two decades of experience in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, IA Shivendu was the perfect match for Bob the Baker Boy. His track record in business leadership, organisational transformation, and his passion for catalysing change across sectors made him an invaluable asset. Having led significant transformations at global giants like Kellogg’s, IA Shivendu’s expertise in whitespace entries, brand launches and business strategy was precisely what Fong needed.

“Working with IA Shivendu has been life-changing. He’s not just been an advisor, he’s been a mentor in the truest sense,” reflected Fong. “His guidance has honed my business instincts and, more importantly, enriched me personally.”

Over a six-month engagement, they developed a comprehensive strategic roadmap for business growth. This roadmap focused on enhancing the brand experience, scaling up manufacturing capabilities, and providing a sharper value proposition for the bakery’s product offerings.

Navigating the post-COVID-19 market turbulence was no small feat. “The downturn posed significant challenges, but with IA Shivendu’s insights, I learned to adapt and recalibrate my approach,” Fong added. This adaptability, coupled with a forward-thinking mindset, has been instrumental in ensuring Bob the Baker Boy’s operational advancement amidst adversity.

While immediate numerical growth remains on the horizon, the strides made operationally are undeniable. This shift has allowed Fong to adopt a more strategic vantage point, enabling her to shape the business’s trajectory rather than merely navigating it. And the horizon holds exciting prospects. The team plans to launch a new brand and become halal certified.

The partnership with IPI and its Innovation Advisors Programme with IA Shivendu has been a cornerstone of the bakery’s journey, having benefitted from resources and guidance from a seasoned veteran. As Bob the Baker Boy continues to infuse joy into every confection and celebration, the collaboration with IPI ensures that the business side of things is just as sweet.