Singapore-based healthcare trailblazer Matralix has unlocked access to global markets, leveraging the invaluable expertise of IPI Innovation Advisor Ramachandran Rajamanickam.


In industries ranging from pharmaceutical and cosmetics to food and fine chemicals, one Singapore-based company has demonstrated an exceptional ability to innovate and meet the ever-growing demands of consumers. Founded in 2014, Matralix has been at the forefront of developing encapsulation platforms that safeguard and efficiently deliver active ingredients in products like medication and supplements, ensuring that they reach their intended target areas for maximum efficacy.

At its inception, Matralix’s primary objective was to develop manufacturing platforms for materials tens of thousands times smaller than the width of a human hair. The company’s ingenuity captured the attention of global pharmaceutical and cosmetic giants, who recognised the potential of lipid-based encapsulation platforms. This revelation led Matralix to uncover an unmet industry need for a rapid, in-house encapsulation system that offered unprecedented control and precision while minimising material consumption.

Matralix rose to the challenge and built a system that did exactly that. Perfected in 2019, the company’s state-of-the-art encapsulation system not only generates both lipid and polymer particles at precise dimensions but also enables real-time monitoring of the process—distinguishing itself in a highly competitive landscape. However, despite its technological prowess, the company encountered hurdles in garnering significant interest.

The persistent challenge for us was getting the big companies to engage with us promptly and ultimately secure sales. As scientists and engineers, our technical language may appeal to formulation scientists but not necessarily to business decision-makers,” elaborated Dr. Renuga Gopal, CEO and co-Founder of Matralix. “Our aim was to refine our messaging to attract a broader customer base, streamline sales cycles and boost market penetration.

To enhance its market positioning, Matralix enlisted the support of IPI's Innovation Advisor (IA), Ramachandran Rajamanickam. Their collaboration began with IPI connecting Matralix with Rama, who has over three decades of industry experience in marketing, branding and positioning under his belt. A seasoned leader with a history of driving innovation and growth for large healthcare-based MNCs in emerging markets such as those in the Asia-Pacific region, Rama has a knack for developing strong, capable leaders, along with a track record in expanding businesses and bringing innovative products to market.

As they worked together, Rama assisted Matralix in transforming its technological edge into tangible cost benefits and expedited product development for businesses, significantly increasing its allure to key decision-makers.

Rama encapsulates the qualities we sought in an IA—he ensured that our objectives were aligned and offered the marketing and branding acumen we lacked,” added Gopal. “More importantly, his experience delivered invaluable, intangible business insights that will benefit us well into the future.”

Since collaborating with IPI and Rama, Matralix has reached several exciting milestones, including exploring a potential project with a global nutraceutical MNC in Singapore and signing a development project with a fine-chemical MNC. With a wider launch on the horizon, Matralix is poised to gain greater traction in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. Currently, the company is setting its sights on international markets such as France.

IPI's involvement was instrumental in connecting Matralix with Rama, whose expertise and industry network have propelled the company to new, international heights. By tapping on Innovation Advisors Programme and leveraging the guidance of an IA, Matralix has been able to sharpen its brand positioning and messaging, setting the stage for continued success and growth.