Episode 2
The Pivot Point
At any point in time, businesses will face some degree of a challenge - whether it is with regards to funding, innovation bottlenecks, lack of partnerships, or mismatch of resources. What is critical is how they pick themselves up, re-strategise, and pivot to continue their journey of innovation and growth. In this episode, we explore the pivot points of enterprises and how these are fundamental in the next step of success.
Episode 1
Open for Innovation

Collaboration and innovation are a must for a business to move forward and grow. Open Innovation (OI) provides organisations with the opportunity to use multiple external and internal sources to drive innovation. This episode focuses on how IPI defines OI and how it brings corporates and partners together to innovate and stay ahead. It will also highlight how IPI has groomed and enabled enterprises over the past 10 years to become industry game changers. 

Welcome to futurepulse

The futurepulse podcast is a deep dive into the world of impactful innovation. As part of its 10-year celebration, IPI delivers futurepulse, the podcast that aims to empower the innovation ecosystem with knowledge and insights that can be used to charter the next journey of success. The podcast covers successes of the past, implications in the present and what the future of impactful innovation looks like across diverse sectors.