Generative AI Technology Developed for B2B Sales Automation and Acceleration


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In today's fast-paced business environment, the efficiency of B2B sales prospecting is paramount. Traditional methods often fall short, plagued by challenges like low conversion rates, low deliverability, and high operational costs. A Singapore-based AI startup has introduced a groundbreaking solution designed to automate and enhance B2B sales prospecting through advanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Their technology addresses the critical pain points in sales prospecting by automating the process with high-performance emails, thus ensuring higher deliverability and higher conversion rates at significantly reduced costs.

They are part of Singapore’s inaugural Generative AI Sandbox, a collaborative effort between Enterprise Singapore and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).


Advanced Sales Profiling: Central to the technology is a sophisticated sales profiling system that scrutinizes over 50 communication parameters to identify the most impactful engagement strategies for each prospect. This system probes the subtleties of sales communication, refining aspects such as email timing, message sequencing, and the strategic inclusion of elements like case studies. This detailed approach ensures personalized interactions for every prospect, significantly enhancing conversion potential.

Proprietary ML Algorithms: The elimination of guesswork in sales prospecting is driven by the Startup's proprietary ML algorithms. These algorithms dissect an extensive set of communication parameters to tailor every facet of the email campaign, crafting each message to resonate with its recipient. From selecting the perfect opener to determining the exact call-to-action, the technology guarantees emails are primed for maximum engagement and response.

High-Performance Automated Emails: The Startup elevates the automation of sales email creation and distribution to new heights. Users have reported a 40% surge in sales conversions at costs 90% lower than traditional sales development representative (SDR) tactics. The platform's automation extends to the ongoing refinement of email campaigns via smart feedback loops, requiring minimal initial setup.

Dynamic Email Generation: Beyond static messaging, the Startup's technology dynamically produces each email based on live interactions, ensuring follow-up messages are influenced by how recipients interact with preceding communications. This leads to highly personalized and efficacious email sequences.

Exceptional Deliverability and Spam Filter Evasion: The Startup achieves over 99% email deliverability, ensuring messages reach their intended audiences. The method of crafting distinct emails for each campaign greatly lowers the chance of triggering spam filters, thus enhancing engagement opportunities.

The integration of advanced sales profiling into the Startup's offerings reaffirms a commitment to providing customized, effective sales prospecting solutions. By meticulously analyzing and enhancing communication based on a broad spectrum of parameters, the technology ensures clients can engage each prospect most effectively, greatly increasing sales conversion rates while lowering costs.


The Startup streamlines the sales prospecting process, offering businesses a direct path to finding more leads and converting more clients. By automating and optimizing email campaigns with AI and ML technologies, their solution ensures:

Increased Lead Generation: Quickly identify and engage potential leads with minimal effort, maximizing outreach.

Higher Conversion Rates: Tailor every communication to the prospect's needs and behaviors, significantly improving the likelihood of conversion.

Efficiency and Cost Savings: Reduce the resources and time spent on manual prospecting, allowing teams to focus on closing deals.

Unique Value Proposition

The AI solution stands out by offering a suite of benefits that directly address the challenges faced in B2B sales prospecting:

Simplicity, Scalability, and Automation: Designed for straightforward operation, the Startup demands merely 15 minutes for setup before its AI, honed by top-tier sales experts, assumes control to refine email campaigns through continuous feedback. This simplicity and scalability cater to businesses of any size with ease.

  • Fully Automated System: Requires just 15 minutes to set up, after which their AI, trained by world-class sales experts, takes over.
  • Significant Performance Gains: Clients report a 40% higher sales conversion at 90% reduced costs compared to conventional strategies.
  • Customizable and Scalable: Their solution is designed to fit seamlessly into existing workflows, offering APIs for rapid integration and full customizability.
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