With the help of IPI, Singapore-based engineering consultancy HY M&E found success through the Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge, participating in the call for innovation and expanding its sustainability initiatives to a global stage.


From mechanical and electrical (M&E) service planning and project management to technology applications and design, Singapore-based HY M&E Consultancy Services (HY M&E) has been at the forefront of quality engineering services since its inception in 1982. Whether facilitating residential developments or constructing mission-critical facilities, HY M&E has managed and designed a wide variety of M&E systems and is committed to providing responsive, efficient and professional services to its clients.

Having partnered with companies from Australia, Canada and Malaysia for M&E consultancy services over the last four decades, HY M&E is now ready to venture into new areas for business.

“Sustainability is a strategic priority for our engineering business. With all nations living up to our climate commitments and responsibilities, our company can play an important role in enabling energy transformations in various sectors of the economy to decarbonise, digitise and decentralise.

The Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge project allows us to demonstrate how digitising physical parameters of buildings and coupling the data to operational control systems will allow significant improvements in building energy efficiency and thereby reduce human impacts to the environment.

We believe it’s the right time for us as a company to participate to make the world a more sustainable place to live in, one building at a time,” said HY M&E’s Managing Director, Ho See Fong.

However, while HY M&E has been fostering new capabilities in the field of sustainability over the years, taking on international projects can be a daunting task for local SMEs. To support such SMEs, IPI leveraged the Abu Dhabi – Singapore Smart Cities Open Innovation Challenge and connected local SMEs like HY M&E with international giants. The challenge offered unique opportunities for local businesses to collaborate with MNCs and unlock new markets and expertise.

Through IPI, HY M&E partnered with an MNC focusing on the energy market in the Middle East. The ongoing project involves the creation and ongoing management of a Digital-Twin Enabled Building Optimisation and Energy Management System for four buildings in the Middle East. Marrying HY M&E’s expert knowledge of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and the innovative technologies of its tech partners, the project would introduce energy efficiency measures into new buildings and support smart city development in the Middle East.

Through this partnership, the team at HY M&E reinforced their technical skills and expertise related to sustainability, gaining the confidence to take on more complex energy modelling and digital twin projects in the future. “It has been and continues to be a very interesting and fulfilling experience. Our partners are incredibly supportive of our methodology and solutions, which is very encouraging and forms the impetus for us to strive for the best,” said HY M&E’s Global Head of Sustainability, Rowena Rawte.

HY M&E envisions that its services have enormous potential not just in the Middle East but also globally. In fact, the successful collaboration has served as a springboard for HY M&E to pitch similar projects globally. “With the global demand for sustainable design, this venture will allow us to grow and expand our engineering services in the overseas market,” added Rawte.

To build on the growth and further expand its presence, HY M&E is currently applying for the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) Market Readiness Assistance Grant for overseas market presence, as well as making plans to establish offices in Canada and UAE. By positioning itself strategically in these regions, HY M&E would be right at the heart of sustainability innovations and initiatives.

HY M&E’s success showcases how through Open Innovation calls, IPI helps SMEs access new markets and expand their services. By collaborating with strategic partners like IPI, SMEs can gain the expertise and skills required to take on complex projects and compete in the global market.

“This initiative has effectively opened the doors to the global market for an SME like us,” said Rawte. “We hope more of such opportunities are created so that SMEs can showcase their talents and innovations on a global platform.”