Wintier Technologies is a business and consulting company headquartered in Singapore. Since its inception in 2009, it has built a business networking platform that helps Singapore companies venture and seek business opportunities overseas. Its vast networks now cover the South East Asia, China and the Middle East.

Its Information Technology & Telecommunication consulting arm is also in the business of introducing latest technologies to its customers and engaging them to adopt best practices and solutions. Very often, it received requests from its customers seeking new technologies. 

One of the requests that Wintier frequently encountered was for indoor location tracking technology.  Quickly, Wintier identified a business opportunity and market for the technology which will work inside a building such as shopping malls, exhibition halls etc where Global Positioning System (GPS) does not. The technology will make use of Wi-Fi access points to pinpoint the indoor location of a person carrying a smartphone.

Despite the awareness of existing indoor location tracking technology, Wintier preferred to develop its own IP in collaboration with the academia who has the capabilities and expertise in this area. With it, Wintier wanted to build new business areas and drive innovative product strategies so that it could provide better integrated solutions and greater value to its customers.

IPI engaged Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to help Wintier source for the solution by identifying the experts in the university who are working in the field of location tracking technology. After a few discussions with the experts, Wintier and NTU lost no time in negotiating and concluding a Research Collaboration Agreement to further the technology development and commercialise it.

It is IPI’s wish to see Wintier’s success with the indoor location tracking technology from NTU and has since introduced Wintier to potential business partners relevant to their new venture whenever the opportunity arises.

“IPI together with NTU have been instrumental in helping Wintier in scanning, sourcing and accessing relevant technologies and facilitating collaboration with the university to address an emerging market need and opportunity” said Mr Ooi Kok Rie, General Manager, “Thank you for your support and professional service.”

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