Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are positioning technologies that identify and track the location of assets or people at any given time. These automated solutions reduce the need for manual tracking and make daily operations, such as inventory management and personnel tracking, more efficient. However, depending on the technologies deployed, there may be different requirements with regard to accuracy and range.

Two companies in the RTLS space, Global Interface Wireless Technologies (GIWT) and 1Rwave, saw this opportunity and came together to co-develop a hybrid location tracking system that unifies two different location tracking technologies, after they were connected with each other at TechInnovation in 2016.   

GIWT, based in Singapore, is a subsidiary of Global Interface Technologies (GIT) in USA and an affiliated company of GIT Japan. It specialises in Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, a wireless communications technology for sending large amounts of data accurately and quickly over short distances, and is often used in precise location and tracking of assets. 1Rwave, a Singapore SME, develops low-power wireless solutions using active Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to provide real-time asset and personnel tracking over a long distance.  

Leveraging their respective areas of expertise, the companies are co-developing an integrated platform which allows for seamless tracking of assets both outdoors and indoors via a wireless mesh network, with precision across a wider area. Co-development started in January 2017 and further integration is ongoing, with commercial opportunities pursued concurrently.  

“We are very pleased with the progress made on our joint collaboration with 1Rwave. 1Rwave’s Location Tracking System has recently received technical standards conformity certification which enables us to deploy the products in the Japanese market. We are confident that the new solution will enable us to grow our competitive advantage and has the potential to generate significant value to our customers,” said Shoga Ida, President and Chief Executive Officer of GIT.

“The partnership with GIWT has opened new technology and business opportunities for 1Rwave. Together with representatives from GIWT and GIT, we celebrated the first anniversary milestone of our collaboration to bring our active location tracking solution into the Japanese market when we returned as an exhibitor at TechInnovation 2017,” remarked Kuan Yeh Cheang, Chief Executive of 1Rwave.