IPI facilitated a licensing agreement between Good Pharma Dermatology and the National Skin Centre (NSC) to manufacture and market NSC’s proprietary itch-relief formulation to the mass market in December 2013. Following that, Good Pharma Dermatology collaborated with the NSC to improve the formula of the itch-relief cream before sourcing the right partners for manufacturing, packaging, branding and distribution of the formulation. 

Dr John O’Shea, Managing Director, Good Pharma Dermatology, recalled that those 15 months were challenging but also very rewarding because, at the end of March 2015, the brand Suu Balm was born. Initial monthly sales of around 300 units have now grown towards 3,000, all this before stocking in chain retail pharmacy, due to start in February. Initial customers have been private dermatologists, family doctors and restructured hospitals.

“Suu Balm, the brand from the partnership between NSC and Good Pharma Dermatology that IPI brokered is going from strength to strength. For overseas markets, we will launch it in March in Philippines and Ireland, both under our own steam. Concurrently we are ramping up distribution discussions at various stages for Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America,” said John O’Shea.

“IPI is gratified to know that the collaboration has resulted in the successful launch of a locally developed product that helps to ease the discomfort of patients suffering from dry and itchy skin. We wish Good Pharma Dermatology the very best for the future as it further expands its footprint, bringing the Singapore brand to the global consumer healthcare market,” said Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Director, IPI.

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