Enterprises around the world are progressively integrating automation and robotics in their processes. The same disruptive technologies are also developing and converging. One such growth trend is the combination of machine vision with robotics to add new capabilities and enable smart manufacturing.

At TechInnovation 2017, SODA VISION, a local SME specialising in machine vision and imaging technology solutions met Photoneo, a Slovakia-based company that provides 3D vision scanners and 3D software. SODA VISION was particularly interested in Photoneo’s 3D vision system for bin picking application.

Following a series of discussions, both parties entered into an agreement to collaborate on a bin picking project with a robotic arm provider. Robotic bin picking is a technique where a robot is used to pick and place randomly placed objects from a bin. Integration work has been completed since May 2018. Two demonstration work stations utilising Photoneo’s 3D vision scanner, ABB 6-axis robot, and gripper system have been set up inside their vision lab at Woodlands, Singapore.

“Our technology partnership integrates Photoneo’s vision scanner and motion algorithm for a high functioning robot, allowing our clients to tackle the labour crunch and improve manufacturing efficiency. The use of robotic arms and 3D vision will bring about improvements in workplace safety by reducing workers’ exposure to potential workplace hazards like heat, noise, chemicals and musculoskeletal injuries from repetitive movements and handling heavy parts,” said Chin Jack, Managing Director, SODA VISION.

“Our 3D bin picking solutions empower enterprises to maximise the potential of their workforce by freeing them from monotonous tasks. We find great synergy in our technology collaboration and further deepened our partnership in November 2017, where SODA VISION has become a distributor and integrator of our 3D vision products to markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand,” said Tomas Murgas, Sales Director Asia, Photoneo.

The participation by Photoneo at TechInnovation was facilitated by the Singapore Central European Chamber of Commerce (SCECHAM).