Episode 10
Partnerships that Last

Strategic partnerships enable enterprises to grow faster and gain a foothold in the market. It is exciting when a company embarks on a newly formed collaboration with another like-minded organisation that can lend support, expertise, and resources. However, partnerships fall through as easily as they are formed. In this episode, we will explore the definition of a successful partnership. What types of partnerships are productive and helpful for a business? What is the secret to long-lasting partnerships whose benefits span across the years?

Episode 9
Innovation Without Borders, Growth Beyond Boundaries

The number of local businesses going overseas dropped by 38% to 1,600 last year, which was expected due to global travel restrictions. Those that continued to pursue internationalisation, did so in different ways such as attending virtual trade fairs or online networking events, while tapping into e-commerce platforms to market and sell. In this episode, we discuss why internationalisation of businesses is important, and how companies can leverage resources, partnerships, and technology to manoeuvre past business challenges brought upon by COVID-19 and continue to grow and scale beyond Singapore.

Episode 8
Trendspotting – The Digital Supply Chain of Tomorrow
Emerging technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and advanced big data analytics continue to act as disruptors within the supply chain sector. These disruptions have only been accelerated due to the pandemic that has reshaped the future of work – for many organisations, knowing how to adapt to the changes, and how to implement these technologies is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. To succeed and thrive, we delve into this week’s episode to look at the challenges that the supply chain sector will need to address such as sourcing the right talent, cultivating an innovative culture, leveraging disruptive technology, and knowing the right moment to pivot and adjust.
Episode 7
Design Thinking and Innovation
What are the next steps after the lightbulb moment? How do these ideas come to fruition? In this episode, we lay out the definition of Design Thinking for the audience (adopting a human-centred perspective in creating innovative solutions while also integrating logic and research), and explore what are the key elements needed in order for a Design Thinking process to take off in a company?
Episode 6
Discover, Connect, and Collaborate at TechInnovation 2021
Enterprises and Innovators all need a platform to connect for ideas to flourish and partnerships to come to fruition. TechInnovation has grown to become a leading technology brokerage event in Singapore organised by IPI. This episode serves as the teaser and preview of the upcoming TechInnovation 2021 taking place from 28 to 30 September – to spotlight this year’s theme, A Sustainable and Resilient Future, and how participants can optimise their networking to open new doors.
Episode 5
The Innovation Journey of Impactful Businesses
The first step to a successful business is to create products and services that customers want. Companies must consistently innovate to stay relevant in the market. This episode will focus on entrepreneurship and the innovation journey - how these entrepreneurs broke the boundaries, carved their own paths and made an impact through innovation. After getting one foot out the door, this episode also explores the timeline of these impactful businesses and their progression in a dynamic business environment.
Episode 4
Overcoming Adversity to Succeed

Throughout the podcast series, we have explored factors that make for successful, impactful businesses – but these undoubtedly come with challenges and hurdles along the way. In this episode, IPI invites enterprises who have faced hiccups along their innovation journey to share the top five most common or even unique/unconventional mistakes and their key takeaways, to enable others in the industry to learn and grow.

Episode 3
Sustainability in the Tropics
Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious and are increasingly aware of the impact that their purchasing decisions and lifestyles have on the environment. This episode sets out to focus on innovative enterprises that have embraced the sustainability agenda and how they have collaborated with partners to transform themselves to tap into new opportunities for growth. Learn how companies can leverage the newly launched Future Ready Food Safety Hub (FRESH) and what sustainable manufacturing entails.
Episode 2
The Pivot Point
At any point in time, businesses will face some degree of a challenge - whether it is with regards to funding, innovation bottlenecks, lack of partnerships, or mismatch of resources. What is critical is how they pick themselves up, re-strategise, and pivot to continue their journey of innovation and growth. In this episode, we explore the pivot points of enterprises and how these are fundamental in the next step of success.
Episode 1
Open for Innovation

Collaboration and innovation are a must for a business to move forward and grow. Open Innovation (OI) provides organisations with the opportunity to use multiple external and internal sources to drive innovation. This episode focuses on how IPI defines OI and how it brings corporates and partners together to innovate and stay ahead. It will also highlight how IPI has groomed and enabled enterprises over the past 10 years to become industry game changers. 

Welcome to futurepulse

The futurepulse podcast is a deep dive into the world of impactful innovation. As part of its 10-year celebration, IPI delivers futurepulse, the podcast that aims to empower the innovation ecosystem with knowledge and insights that can be used to charter the next journey of success. The podcast covers successes of the past, implications in the present and what the future of impactful innovation looks like across diverse sectors.