Together with CSIRO, IPI held a networking lunch for clients who are interested in new technology in materials sector on 28 January 2013 at Biopolis Matrix.

IPI held its monthly industry networking event for technology partner and the industry on 28 Jan 2013. Being close to the industry, IPI is able to understand the specific business challenges and needs of the enterprises.

Based on a specific needs cluster each time,  this event focused on meeting the needs in materials technology by matching them to those offered by IPI’s technology partner, Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The invitation-only event provided an platform for enterprises and technology partners to share industry needs and discuss collaboration opportunities. Represented by Mr Damien Thomas, BD Group Director, CSIRO presented several innovative technologies in Degradable Foam, Hybrid Inorganic Polymer Systems (HIPS), Raft Polymer and Zero Waste Powder Coating.