Date/ Time
27 Feb 2024
Estonia Business Hub, 18 Robinson Road, #21-03, S048547

Innovation is challenging, especially when you are making the leap from the big chasm between early adopters and mainstream users.

Estonia, with a population that is digitally savvy and highly accustomed to the digital economy, might just be a good starting point for you to venture deeper and further into Europe.

Here’s why:

  1. Estonia is home to 1500+ startups, including 130+ deep tech startups. 
  2. 90% of state services in Estonia is online – and it takes less than 15minutes to start a business there!
  3. World class track record in building unicorns from 2005-2022; Europe’s highest startup per capita.
  4. Opportunity to learn more about Latitude59, the flagship tech and startup event of the world’s first digital society, Estonia
  • Boasts of the region’s largest Pitch Competition prize fund of €1.25M
  • Solid Global outreach: 3000 attendees from 67 countries
  • Hosted 600+ investors and 800+ startup representatives

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