Smart Stickers for Liquid Leak Detection and Level Monitoring


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This technology offer is a smart sensor that can detect liquid or non-liquid substances (presence and the levels of liquids within a container or vessel by using a combination of capacitive and resistive sensing. These sticker-like and tape-like printed sensors can be installed on the targeted area and allow the user to detect leaks before they can cause damage. The smart sensors can be customised based on the client’s requirements.


This technology can detect liquids and moisture either by measuring their level within a container or their presence on the sensors’ surface. The printed sensors are sticker- and tape-like: they are easy to be installed, ultra-thin and can be customized into different printed patterns for various events, such as the occurrence of a leak or the build-up of moisture. The sensors are connected to hardware that classifies these events and sends the results via LoRaWAN to a local gateway, and then uploads onto the cloud, notifying the user about the events.


The potential applications of this technology include the following.
  • Liquid leak sensing. The smart tape can be installed at the targeted area to detect leaks
  • Non-contact liquid level measurement. The smart tape can be installed within a container or on the surface of the container to capture the moisture
  • Occupancy sensing. The smart tape can be installed beneath a seat to capture the occupancy
  • Stress, strain and vibration sensing. The smart tape can be installed in a building or a machine to detect the stress, strain and vibration, providing early warning for building structural or machines failures

Market Trends & Opportunities

The market for liquid leak and level sensing devices in smart buildings is large, which is at $0.9B and growing quickly as IoT adoption increases. This IP is attractive to the market as the novel form factor and wide variety of use cases make it widely applicable to many industries and customer types.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Easy to install:  The smart sensing system can be installed by anyone, including non-professionals. It is a matter of attaching the sensor, connecting it to the hardware, and using the dashboard to detect events.
  • Low cost and scalable: The sensors are ultra-low-cost to produce and scalable.
  • Customisable: The smart sensor can be customized into various dimensions, and types of sensing (e.g., liquid or non-liquid form).
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