Optimise Utility and Industrial Asset Management with Predictive Analytics Technology


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The company has developed a data analytics and machine learning platform technology that could be customised and scaled for specific needs in the utility and industrial asset management space. The company possesses not just technology expertise in data science and machine learning but also domain expertise in the energy and utility sectors. The technology is developed upon an inhouse Internet of Things (IoT) platform that can be deployed in less than 24 hours. 

Understanding that each company would have specific requirements, the technology is therefore built with customization. While almost every aspect of the system can be customized, the company primarily offers two types of customization – dashboard customization and algorithmic customization. Dashboard customization is a front-end customization that involves data manipulation for visualization. Algorithmic customization can be machine learning algorithm, mathematical algorithm, or process algorithm.

The company does not operate in a “define and build” methodology as they believe in the importance of customer success. They work with customer on the agile methodology and allow customer to modify the project requirements on the get go. The development work does not usually end at the stage, as the company would still work with customer on regular basis to understand how they can be better served. 


  • Free Software for Edge Data Collection – The company provides complementary software for data collection at the edge. The company also offers complementary engineering service for edge devices if there are more than 20 edge devices installed. Remote project execution is possible.
  • Functional Customization – While the entire platform is designed with customization in mind, the two primary customizations offered are dashboard customization and algorithmic customization. The company has a library of pre-built algorithm to enable greater customization requirements.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Asset Optimization – The company has delivered predictive maintenance and asset optimization algorithm in the utility and industrial 4.0 sector. The company is creating more algorithm for various use cases in the industry.
  • Third Party Integration – The system is system agnostics, thereby allowing data ingestion from various programmable logic controllers (PLCs), cloud databases, SAP, or etc. Data ingestion can originate from different sources that can plug into the application programming interface (API) for near real-time visualization. 
  • Subscription-based Pricing – Subscription based pricing allows the system integrator / end-user to scale their revenue according to cost.


The company focuses its application on non-critical assets in the energy / industrial 4.0 sector. Some applications include:

  • Solar Power Plant Management – Easy-to-integrate solar power plant asset management and optimization strategies
  • Micro-grid Energy Management – Manage power generation from generators, solar panels, grid battery, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and grid incoming all on a single platform. Optimization algorithm to determine the optimal battery charging/discharging cycle that maximizes profit.
  • Factory Digitalization – Digitalization of factory and quantify the manufacturing throughput. Identify factory bottleneck and improve manufacturing process.
  • Manufacturing Predictive Operation – Optimization of factory operations and predictive analytics of factory assets. Analyze for anomalous machine performance and prevent equipment downtime.
  • Functional Reporting – Regular reporting of asset performance such as manufacturing yield, asset performance, benchmarking, and financial reporting.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Low Upfront Project Costs – The company offers attractive cost structure to lower technology adoption barrier
  • Continual Development – The projects are executed in a continual development approach with AGILE methodology to ensure that the customer achieves more at the end of the day.
  • Interoperability – As the product is industry agnostic, integration with other third-party system is made possible.
  • New Business Opportunity – Customers may resell part of the solution to their end-users, such as data subscription, market study, or piloting a market place. 
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