Customized Freshly Brewed Beer from a Self-service Vending Machine


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This Hungarian company transforms brewing and beer consumption habits into an IT gaming solution where it allows the consumer to customize the taste of the FRESH craft beer from the vending machine's panel or "pre-order" it online. The FRESH craft beer can be collected on the spot from the vending machine.

This company is open to collaborating with their partner in developing new flavours to suit the local tastebuds or they will license their technology directly to the licensees. 


This technology uses concentrated beer as a base to mix with various kinds of flavouring (from lemon to elderflower). The bitterness (hops level), and alcohol level can be customised through mobile app based on the preference of the customer. 

The taste of the craft beer is claimed to have no difference in terms of taste or quality in comparison to the freshly brewed beer.


The self-service, self-made fresh beer vending machines can be used in the following areas:

  1. Live events, concerts, festivals, sports events: with this vending machine, the queue can be reduced, contactless service is possible (via apps ordering). It saves consumers time to queue for beer at any event.
  2. Bar & restaurants: unique and freshly made beer is served without the involvement of the bartender.
  3. High-end retailers: self-service, unique, and high-quality beer can be sold. The freshly made beer can be bottled and labeled (even with customised individual design).
  4. Cloud kitchens: caters to online platform orders for highly customizable beer.

Market Trends & Opportunities

The demand for craft beer/premium and high-quality beer is increasing and the "want" for uniqueness and specialties is growing. On top of this, this technology saves logistics costs and reduces complexity to produce the different tastes of beer.

Unique Value Proposition

Customer Benefits:

  1. Unique and convenient: customized beer can be enjoyed on the spot.
  2. Taste of the moment: as your preference changes over the night so does your next beer.
  3. Pre-built options for the trusted & tested flavours.
  4. Seamless order & pay – on mobile apps / at the machine.
  5. Bottling and customised labelling options (e.g. in-store) OR use your own glass (e.g. at festivals).
  6. Environmental-friendly: less transportation, glass refill option is possible, less waste is generated.

Supply-chain / Industry benefits:

  1. Logistic cost saving – 60-70% saving on transportation and warehousing: highly concentrated pre-brewed liquid is shipped.
  2. Customer self-service – no/ minimum bartender is needed. One person operates several machines to help in refilling beer only.
  3. Less queues = More beer sold.
  4. Reduced complexity: flavours and types are mixed at point-of-sales, lesser chance of out-of-stock or unsold is reduced.
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