Dr Suchitra Derebail

Dr Suchitra Derebail


Republic Polytechnic

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Dr Suchitra Derebail is an experienced scientist and lecturer with over 19 years of experience in research work in the areas of virology, molecular biology, and stem cell biology, and 10 years of experience in teaching/training. Suchitra spearheaded several funded research projects in the areas of virology, stem cell regeneration, novel drug testing, and bioprinting of therapeutic cells. She is experienced in gauging translational potential of related research technologies such as lentiviral reprogramming of stem cells, baculoviral research tools, bioprinting etc. She also possesses international exposure in the US, India and Singapore and experience working with diverse stakeholders from varied backgrounds.



Bioprinting of Various Cell Types for Systemic Toxicity Testing

To address at least a subset of the gaps in the field of bioprinting, Suchitra and her team have custom designed, developed and tested a bioprinter using open-source hardware and control elements, incorporating a microvalve printhead and a cell mixer, to create an initial prototype termed MAB V1 or microvalve-assisted version 1 bioprinter. 

An array of different cell types including carcinoma cells, mouse embryonic stem cells, human dermal fibroblasts, and mesenchymal stem cells have been test printed in a scaffold-free, bio-ink free mode. The MAB system was validated for various parameters; accuracy of the three axes, volumetric validation, and evaluation of cell mixer and nozzle sizes, consistency in printed cell numbers, and cell viability post-printing. Most of the results show that the MAB is able to successfully print a wide range of cell types.

There were many major benefits noted in the final design of the system; cost effectiveness, high cell recovery, uniform cell dispensation, lack of cell clogging, capability to print multiple cell types, and high-throughput capability. This work was supported by grant funds from School of Applied Science, and Office of Technology Development, Republic Polytechnic (RP), from 2017-2019 and later on by NAMIC grant from 2019 – 2021.  

Expertise Provided
  • Life Sciences - Product Design & Development
Virology, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology Research


  • Studies on nucleocapsid protein and recombination in lentivirus like HIV-1
  • Evaluation of capsid protein in HIV-1, live viral purification by ultra-centrifugation in BSL-3 or Biosafety Level 3 lab
  • Generation of baculoviral constructs and viral titers
  • Viral plaque assay, radioactive labelling of viral RNA, pulse-field gel electrophoresis etc.

Molecular Biology

  • RNase-free reagents, gel electrophoresis (PAGE, SDS-PAGE, agarose gels) and radio labeled oligonucleotides (P-32 and S-35)
  • Bacterial transformation and cloning, protein purification, western blotting, site-directed mutagenesis, plasmid sequencing, in vitro transcription reactions, transfection, reporter assays 

Cell Biology

  • Culturing of various mammalian cell lines (primary and transformed) mouse and human stem cells, human embryonal carcinoma cell lines and insect cell lines
  • Trained in fluorescent imaging, immunocytochemistry, and FACS
  • Reprogramming of adult cells into stem cells, bioprinting of therapeutic cells

Expertise Provided
  • Life Sciences - Product Design & Development
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