Technology Manager – Infocomms Technologies

Reporting to the Head, you will conduct extensive research to identify market trends and scout for emerging technologies aligned to the identified trends and share it through various channels to catalyse adoption. You will also be required to recommend technologies and expertise that could help to overcome problems faced by the local enterprises when developing new or enhanced products, processes, and services.

In addition, you will work closely with the Head to seek continuous improvement to the technology scouting and technology landscaping processes, delivery, and timelines.  The role will require you to engage technology providers and partners to identify and understand technologies to catalyse the adoption of technologies to actualise industry transformation.

This fulfilling job offers you not only the opportunity to support Singapore enterprises in their innovation journeys but also enables you to develop new technical knowledge, expand your industry network and gain deep insights into the dynamics of specific industries.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Scout for technologies and expertise to overcome specific innovation challenges faced by local enterprises and public agencies
  • Curate technologies that are aligned with current industry needs, technology trends and Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) and ensure that the technology database stays up-to-date through routine culling
  • Promulgate technologies to companies with the objectives to create awareness and catalyse adoption via well-designed events or as Tech Offers on IPI’s platform, IPI partners’ platforms and any other adequate means
  • Develop technical contents and deliver them using different formats and channels to showcase the depth of IPI’s technical knowledge and, more importantly, to generate leads and allow the industry and public agencies to stay up-to-date with technology developments
  • Help to account-manage technology partners in close collaboration with the Partnerships team


  • Bachelor’s Degree and above in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields
  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in IT related solutions/products/platforms research and design/development
  • Preferable to have knowledge and hands-on experience in data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing and/or computer vision
  • Versatile with good learning aptitude
  • Good written and verbal communications skills
  • Good presentation skills, including developing good presentation materials
  • Good project and time management skill
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Ability to cultivate network and build alliances with strategic partners
  • Experience in patent search and analytical skill would be advantageous