Senior Manager, Partnerships

IPI is an innovation catalyst, that assist Singapore enterprises to look for innovative technologies to enhance and grow their business. We work with local businesses, to better understand their day-to-day challenges, and with technology owners globally, to bring the best technology to address those challenges. We are a team of highly driven and self-motivated individuals, looking to play a part in making a difference to local enterprises. We are resilient and growth-oriented, constantly exploring and questioning the usefulness of emerging and diverse technologies is a part of our DNA. Our work involves building strong relationships with innovation leaders, thereby enabling enterprises to grow through collaboration.


Job Responsibilities:

You will be a part of IPI’s Strategy, Marketing and Communications team, where your main role is a relationship builder. You are the bridge between IPI and partners within and outside the global innovation ecosystem, strengthening IPI’s network of partners and developing strategies to identify and engage key external stakeholders.

You will also be responsible for bringing opportunities to both the Singapore industry as well as our global network of partners, clearly articulating the value proposition that IPI is able to bring to Singapore companies and partners alike. These partnerships forged are made tangible through IPI’s Innovation and Technology Managers, culminating through physical networking and collaboration opportunities in IPI’s flagship event, TechInnovation.

You will be deeply involved in driving the key strategies that contributes to IPI’s mission.

In general, IPI’s partners can be classified into industry and technology multipliers. You will play an instrumental role in enhancing IPI’s effective outreach to both groups. Growing our global network, bringing forth IPI’s value proposition of having access to technology owners around the globe, who will help to address the technological gaps for local enterprises. On the other hand, building relationships with government agencies, trade associations and chambers and other entities that have access to local companies, would augment IPI’s marketing efforts in reaching out to companies with needs.

Apart from growing IPI’s reach, you will be deeply involved in the execution of larger-scaled opportunities, to allow local companies to collaborate with lead-demand drivers or overseas entities. Therefore, ensuring the success of strategic initiatives such as Open Innovation Challenges and TechInnovation creates value for local enterprises.


  • Bachelor or Masters in any field, preferably in general science and engineering, with the ability to appreciate and understand technology
  • At least 5 years of relevant working experience in business development or international relations
  • Excellent communication, writing, interpersonal and persuasion skills
  • Good programme and project management skills
  • Team player that possess a strong drive to add value to key stakeholders
  • Ability to strategise, plan and execute activities
  • Ability to build, cultivate and maintain good working relationships
  • Ability to identify and influence decision-makers to achieve the desired outcome
  • Familiarity with Singapore’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) ecosystem would be advantageous